What logo to choose

June 9, 2007

We know about software, but logo design is something completely different. So we put this job on rentacoder.com to draw a new logo. We received 20+ bids. It took us ages to go over all these people’s portfolio. We even got kicked from rentacoder for 24hours because of ‘heavy browsing’.

Finally we selected ‘Draward’, who really convinced us with a smashing set of his previous work. You can find samples of his work here and here.

So now we are faced with a second problem, what logo to choose for our RadioCorridor.com site. This is where we want your help. Have a quick look at the logos below and tell us which you prefer. You can add a comment or send us an email with your thoughts on Administrator@RadioCorridor.com.


5 Responses to “What logo to choose”

  1. Bert Says:

    nr 11 or 12

  2. raynos13 Says:

    I like Number 11..

  3. whackyboy Says:

    Wow, you guys are truly artistic. Each of them is a winner – Even though one gets picked, retain the other ones. They make excellent logos.

    I will pick few based on the client:
    #9 gives an impression of a engineering company
    #6 web company with target clients young audience
    #2 open source
    #5 Good logo for a web company
    #10 May work in artsy environment (this one truly represents radio-corridor though – very well designed and thought).

    All the best.

  4. loudshout Says:

    So you guys are still building your application or already live with it?
    And talking of these logos, did you create them or got it done thru someone else? In other words, are you guys engineers, or artists or both?

  5. Reddy Says:

    Re. Loudshout

    We’re still in beta, although all our published features are fully operational. We’ll be adding more features later to help promote the site.

    We’re not artists. We’re mostly engineers with some project management flavor. That’s why we went through rentacoder.com to get our logo done.

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