How to create a new logo for 85$ in 18 days

July 24, 2007

Let me share some of our experiences with the wonderful new world of doing business.

Date Event Effort Cost
1-Jun-07 We posted a job on site. 4-6 hours preparation 0 $
3-Jun-07 We got 30+ replies. 8-10 hours to wade through all references 0 $
4-Jun-07 Selected a designer 0 $
6-Jun-07 till17-Jun-07 Received 20 samples, reviewed and fine-tuned 5 hours 0 $
18-Jun-07 Final delivery (B&W version, Photoshop file,…) 85$

So, the conclusion:

  • 3 calendar weeks
  • 3-4 days work on our side
  • 85 $

Moreover, we posted the many alternatives on our website and on LinkedIn. We received 26 reactions that lead us to select the final choice. This is a result we could never have reached using the traditional ways.

Oh and by the way, this is the result:

What we learned from it:

  • Don’t underestimate the preparation and processing time at your side. Even if the money spent was only 85$, there is a considerable cost at our side.
  • The actual work only took a few days, yet we needed 3+ weeks to get the thing finished. We didn’t involve a CEO, a work group or special task force, or alike.

The good news:

  • We were pleasantly surprised by the high quality feedback on LinkedIn. Some people printed all the logos in B&W and color, made estimations about printing costs, and gave other valuable feedback we hadn’t thought about.
  • When some of the freelancers on Rentacoder say they keep on improving until you are satisfied, they actually mean that. We didn’t exploit that, but on 1 or 2 iterations we had to overturn some of our earlier decisions. The freelancer simply kept going along with us.

Post a comment if you got similar or other feedback.


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One Response to “How to create a new logo for 85$ in 18 days”

  1. Jason Says:

    I also used eLance for a logo design, U$100. Turn around was 48hrs, only because he too was very flexible with revisions. First round I had 10 logo’s to choose from. Second round 4, and I liked a cross between two. Final draft next, then a small change and we were done.
    I oculd have had it in about 2 hrs had I loved one of the first 8. (Indeed none were bad and I could have chosen one really.)

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