The facebook/myspace trap

July 24, 2007

As nicely pointed out in this post on, facebook was initially restricted to the college kids. Because of the pressure of the numbers, gradually facebook opened up. Initially you could subscribe pretending you were from a high school. It nicely offered a list of schools to choose from. I got myself a fake account a few days after facebook opened that door. Now, virtually anybody can join. Moreover, the site now offers a zillion software applications to exploit your and your friends’ profiles.

Doing this, facebook forgot its original unique position:

  • Restricted community
  • Clear and simple interface

We are convinced not to fall into that trap. Let’s hope we are not tempted just because we want to attract more users…


2 Responses to “The facebook/myspace trap”

  1. Richard Says:

    I agree that Facebook has lost its clear and simple interface – there’s far too much JavaScript now!

  2. megamega Says:

    Whos Looking For More Myspace-Friends FAST?

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