Spot the 5 differences

July 25, 2007

Recently we received much feedback from many helpful people around the internet. They all try to make sense of what we are doing. Typically you are compared to something people already know. We were very surprised on what people tell us:

  • How do you differentiate from LinkedIn

    LinkedIn typically links people across companies, we intend to do just the opposite: create a network within the company. In this way people can talk more freely without the risk of exposing too much of the internals to the outside world.

    In the long run, we’re thinking of offering a forum for the employees to give feedback and input on the company strategy, how the company is dealing with hiring, customers, internal promotion and so on. So the ‘company internal content’ will be much more important than what is possible on LinkedIn.

  • Sort of a more social version of BaseCamp.

    This is a comment we got from one of the people evaluating our design. We were rather honored by that comparison. I mean, being compared to the current gods of the internet! You could do worse. We initially ignored it but it kept coming back in our meetings and reviews. And the end, we promoted it as our internal mantra, much in line with what Guy Kawasaki talks about in his book. It captures much of the essence of what we do. 1/ social è seems clear 2/ basecamp è getting people on a easy to use web application.

  • The interface should look like the iPhone.

    We have declared the company as an ‘iPhone free zone’. We belong to the sort of people that went asleep a few weeks before the launch. The longer this craze goes on, the less we understand. But, if you mean the GUI should be simple, pleasing, easy to understand: of course we couldn’t agree more. We’ll even build a version that if your laptop is turned upside down, the page will do so too…

We love to hear more of these comparisons! Drop us an email if have one.

And now, a real game of ‘Spot the differences’. Find all 10!

You can find the answer and other games on the Reid


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