5 item purple cow checklist

July 28, 2007

A recent entry on netbusiness blog, reviewed the famous book of Seth Godin, “Purple Cow”. More precisely it applies rules learned from the book on the online world of business blogging.

Below are the five points.

  1. What content are you producing that your competitors are not producing?
  2. What makes your site different from other sites in your niche?
  3. What unique value does your site bring to the internet community?
  4. How will you promote your site in a unique way?
  5. How will your site stand out from other sites in your industry?

We like to add following points:

  1. Can you do more with less?
    Most sites overload you. Too much noise, too little insight. We kept removing words from the site. Like one of the titles in the ‘Don’t make me think‘ book “Omit unnecessary words”

    Now, we may have ended up with something too simple, too little content, not enough depth. Future will tell…

  2. Can your readers feel a sincerity that similar sites seem to lack?
    We’re sure Facebook frustrated a lot of people when they opened up their network to everyone. The early adopters thought they were part of a private club. But the Facebook owners put the ‘subscription numbers’ as their top priority.

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