Our competition

August 18, 2007

Over the past few months, we have come across several sites that do more or less what we do. Also, people want to compare you with sites they know. We had some surprising comparisons like Basecamp and LinkedIn.

Let me list some of the sites we feel are close to what we do.

  • Wurkpal
    It’s a forum site that is designed specifically for people to gossip/complain/etc. about their work environment anonymously. The site takes a guess as to where you are logging in from based on a reverse hostname lookup and tries to direct you to the correct company forum.
  • BossBitching
    A simple but cool site where users can post anonymous comments about their bosses and other users can comment and rate the stories with a slick ajax interface.
  • Overhear.us
    A company grapevine. It lets information spread instantly between coworkers.
  • JobVent.
    Aimed at job seekers and current employees who either want to research a company or leave anonymous feedback about their experiences working at a company.
  • TheFunded
    For entrepreneurs who want to rip into venture capitalists that have turned them down

Although these sites have some similarities to ours, we focus a different audience. We are not into anonymous boss bitching, nor do we want to make internal information visible to the outside world. We do offer people the possibility to post messages anonymously, however this is just a feature. We believe there is much more value in setting up restricted forums within the company walls. In this way, communication is not anonymous, but it is strictly private: private in the company, and private within the forum invitees (if any).

People often want to improve their companies, they like to indicate what is wrong and want to communicate their ideas on how to improve. If there is demand for it, we’ll add specific features for that purpose

Let us know what you think.



2 Responses to “Our competition”

  1. Reddy Says:

    One of our testers pointed me to another site called

    In their words “It’s all about sharing your work experiences with the world and letting everyone know what your company is all about.”

    Quite the opposite of what we are doing…

  2. Reddy Says:

    And another one: http://www.officegupshup.com/home
    Gossip in its purest form… phew…

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