Be afraid of Facebook, be very afraid…

September 6, 2007

There is some considerable buzz on the blogosphere about Facebook opening its members’ profile data to search engines. This means you really have no way to hide.

Privacy seems such a natural thing for us at RadioCorridor, we even forget to talk about it. But now, we want to make it absolutely clear for our members: whatever you enter on the site (profile data, messages, comments,.. ) remains restricted to the members of your organization. We do not and never will make that information available for search engines, third parties, and so on. Although we are not part of your company or organization, we consider your data as ‘Company Confidential’.

Of course the pressures will be there to open up the site. The network effects coming from connecting the company networks together is tremendous. But we should not fall into the same trap as Facebook. A lot of its members felt betrayed when they did no longer restrict themselves to the campus networks, just to get the subscriber numbers up.

We have some exciting plans for inter-company communication. However, those sections will be clearly marked and it does not mean we can just throw our entire user’s ‘Company Confidential’ and personal data in the open.

Read more on our privacy section on the site. Send us a comment if you like to add something.


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