Crazy interview stories

September 23, 2007


To assemble some background material for people visiting our website, we’re assembling a list of crazy interview stories. Rather than copying them from the forums of our users, we wanted to get some publicly available stories. Please reply to this post to tell your ‘crazy interview story’.

So, why are we doing this? I am a firm believer that everything a company does or says, the way it handles its customers, the products it makes, the services it sells, the way it advertises is all very much influenced by what the company is, how the company culture is defined. Look back to your past interviews.

So, think, think, think,… what were you asked, and with hindsight, how representative was that for the company?

Thanks for sharing your story!


2 Responses to “Crazy interview stories”

  1. I was asked if I had a good sense of humor and an ability to work on a team with an odd sense of humor.

    Good questions and I believe I answered them well … got the job. However, I was written up for making a humorous comment that was taken the wrong way by someone on the team … apparently, no sense of humor.

  2. Bob Says:

    Turn this question around and ask what is the best question you have ever asked a company — and how did that illustrate company culture and focus. Several times, I’ve asked the CEO and COO that same question: “If we’re sitting here one year from now, what are the two or three things we will look back on and say those were major accomplishments and made a significant contribution?”

    I am surprised at how many C-level folks can’t clearly answer that question. It’s been my observation that the clarity of the answer to this question directly correlates with the success of the company.

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